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“When we started our business, we were new to everything. What we didn’t know, was what insurance was needed in all aspects of our business to protect us, our products, machines, vehicles, property etc.

There are so many insurance companies out there, but how do you find the right one that will insure you and is suitable for your type of business. It’s a little overwhelming.

We wanted to know that whoever was giving us advice really understood our business and cared about us. Andrew from Shortland Insurance is a great mentor and he made the process very easy!

Confidence!  Ongoing good quality, caring advice and great service with no drama’s is our experience with Shortland Insurance. I only have to pick up the phone and tell him what I’m after.

It’s one less thing I need to worry about and of financial year. We have peace of mind our business (and personal) insurance needs are covered!”


Professional Services

“Problem solving no fuss brokers. They just get it done! We use Shortland Insurance for all our business insurance needs here on the Central Coast. They recently visited our premises and made sure we were correctly covered and were up to date on all of our policies.”



“We were very familiar with the name Shortland Insurance Brokers as it is a well-established business with a great reputation. We also knew quite a few businesses who were already dealing with Andrew and Shortland.

They have been on the Central Coast for decades and the relationship just flowed. We wanted a trusted advisor that knew business and we certainly have this with Shortland!

Success for us is being able to make a difference in the lives of our clients (physically & emotionally). Our client’s success motivates us and enables us to grow our business. We are hoping to leave a legacy for our children.

If we didn’t have Shortland Insurance Brokers doing our insurance we would waste a lot of time trying to secure various insurance policies while never being certain if we had the adequate cover in the event of a claim!

We highly recommend Andrew and his team at Shortland without hesitation. We enjoy great service with no drama’s and we are grateful for the peace of mind they provide us.”


Health and Fitness Industry

Certainty that your insurance is settled

  • Efficiently

  • Economically 

  • Beyond-doubt

  • Smooth sailing