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If you have suffered a loss, potential liability or damage, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible. The first priority for you is to take all reasonable measures to protect people, property and prevent further loss at the incident. In an emergency please contact emergency services including police, ambulance and/or fire brigade as required.

An accident, a burglary or some other incident can be an anxious and frustrating time. We are here to help you along with your insurer.
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Information required for an insurance claim:

In the event of a potential claim, ensure you collect all relevant information that you will need because it will be required by your insurer when submitting a claim. This includes:

  • all involved third parties contact details,

  • the date, time and location of the incident,

  • plus the potential value of loss/damage/liability.

  • If the police are involved you also need to record the police report number.

It is extremely helpful for your potential claim if you can take digital photos and/or video of relevant damage. For motor vehicle incidents where dash-video cameras have been used – ensure you provide this footage with the claim to your insurer.

What to do:

Police: When a criminal act has occurred or is suspected (eg, theft, malicious damage, arson), notify the nearest police station as soon as possible.

Notify Shortland Insurance and Insurers

Notification is the first step after an event of loss, damage or potential liability you may face for assets and/or services that you have insurance for. Promptly notify Shortland (or Insurers where appropriate) of all claims or circumstances which may result in a claim

What not to do:

Liability: Under no circumstances must liability be admitted. All writs, summonses or demands in relation to claims should be sent to Shortland without delay.

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