Greenslip - Third Party

Insurance covering accidental bodily injury to or death of third parties as a result of road traffic accidents. All owners of motor vehicles using public roads in Australia are required to have CTP cover taken out in the State in which their vehicles are registered. The parties involved in a road traffic accident are:

  • First Party – the Insured or policy holder.
  • Second Party – the Insurer
  • Third Party – other persons involved, except the driver of the vehicle at fault.

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Information you need to provide:

Fax registration papers to: 43246776 Shortland will confirm amount payable. If required instruct Shortland to issue cover. Payment required before CTP (Green slip) can be validated by: Credit card details which will be debited by the Insurer. Shortland will issue cover and validate. Shortland will electronically lodge with the RTA their copy.