Farm and Agriculture

This insurance package is typically designed for farming enterprises and provides coverage for both Assets and Liabilities within the framework of one policy.

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Key Features

Farm liability

Covers your legal liability for personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurence connected with your business activities.

Farm property

Cover for your farm property such as livestock & buildings for certain specified events such as fire, lightning, explosion, impact and earthquake.

Home and contents

Cover for your Home and Contents against loss or damage as a result of certain specified events such as fire, theft, storm, impact, flash flood and rainwater run-off. You will find clearly defined what events are insured in the Insurer's Product Disclosure Statement.

Personal effects

Covers accidental loss or damage to personal effects you own or are legally responsible for anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere in the world as specified for each journey after leaving Australia. This cover can only be added if you have Contents cover.

Domestic legal liability

Covers your legal liability for bodily injury or damage to property other than those connected with your business activities. It covers your legal liability for incidents at the insured address when you insure your Home and legal liability for incidents anywhere in Australia and New Zealand when you insure your Contents.

Motor vehicle

Cover for farm vehicles including tractors, harvesters and sprayers, as well as vehicles used for your private purposes.

Additional working costs

Covers you for additional working costs and agistment costs incurred as a result of loss or damage at the situation to your pastures caused by fire; or your farm property, providing that loss or damage is insured under Farm property policy section.

General property

Covers you for loss or damage to property insured anywhere in Australia (or anywhere in the world if worldwide insurance is shown on your schedule).

Equipment breakdown

Covers you for the cost or repairing or replacing insured equipment if it suddenly and accidentally breaks down at your farm property. You may also choose to Cover the replacement of perishable property that spoils as a result of a break down of insured equipment or from the failure of thermostats, controls or fuses.

Road transit

Covers you for loss or damage to farm produce or machinery (up to Insurer's limit) and/or the death or humane destruction of livestock (up to Insurer's limit) in transit caused by specified events such as collision, overturning, fire and flood. The damage during loading and unloading can be added as an optional cover.

Tax audit

Covers you for professional fees reasonably and necessarily incurred in connection with a tax audit.

Viticulture & Horticulture

Covers for all farming assets and liabilities including growing crops, increased costs and future loss of profits. Winemakers Professional Indemnity.