Commercial Property Owner

This insurance package is typically designed for small to medium size property owners and provides coverage for both Assets and Liabilities within the framework of one policy.

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Business details including address, tenant business type and property details Length of time with current/previous insurer Claims history including number of, date and type of claims

Key Features

Fire and Other Damage

Cover for your building and landlords fixtures for certain specified events such as fire, storm (but not flood), impact, lightning, explosion, earthquake. Also included is the cost of removing debris.

Business Interruption

Covers you for loss of gross rentals resulting from interruption of or interference with your leased premises caused by damage for which you are insured under either Fire and other damage policy sections.

Glass (where vacant or tenant is not required to insure)

Covers the replacement value of broken glass. Also includes the cost of temporary shuttering, replacement of sign writing, repairing plastic signs up to Insurer's limit.

Public and Products Liability

Covers your legal liability for personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurrence connected with the ownership of your premises.