At Shortland we have a variety of payment options available, so you can choose a payment method to suit your requirements.

Please click the arrows below for more details on the available payment options.

  BPay (Savings / Credit Card)

BPAY is available to all Shortland customers (except Internet Dial-Up customers). It allows you to pay your bill from your own bank accounts or credit cards, providing your bank is a participating member of the BPAY scheme.

Information you Need

Page 1 of your Shortland Bill includes "How to Pay" options, including BPAY logo, Biller Code and Customer Reference number that you need to make a payment.

Payment Timeframe

payments made Monday to Friday will be processed within two business days.

  Monthly Instalments

Shortland Insurance Brokers can arrange payment of insurance premiums by monthly instalments through a number of Premium Funding companies that have easy to read, repayment schedules.

Improve your financial flexibility, free up working capital and retain funds in your business to use elsewhere.

Conserve cash flow

Premium Funding allows you to eliminate an advance outlay of 100% cash, enabling you to spread payment over a period of time and utilise liquid funds for income generating activities.

Additional line of credit

Premium Funding acts as an additional line of credit as it does not interfere with your established financial arrangements and may even reduce your current line of credit.

No additional guarantees

No additional financial guarantees are required, as security is absorbed over the insurance policies and funding enables you to utilise assets for your other business interests.

Tax deductibility

In addition to commercial insurance premiums being tax deductible, so is the interest charged on Premium Funding

  Credit Card

Make a credit card payment via the Shortland Customer Service. Credit cards accepted are; MasterCard or VisaCard.

To access this service dial 0243245244

  Payment via Mail

Mail your cheque with the payment slip at the bottom of your Shortland bill.

All payments should be mailed to:
Shortland Insurance Brokers, PO Box 418, Gosford NSW 2250

Information you Need - When mailing in payments you must include the correct payment slip for each account being paid.

If you are mailing in one cheque to pay multiple accounts then you need to either enclose a payment slip for each account, or attach a separate list of the account numbers and amounts.  For Partial Payments please write your Shortland account number, phone number and Shortland account name on the back of the cheque.

Cheques should be made payable to 'Shortland Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd'.