Why do I need an insurance broker?

Every business needs a broker, as they save you time, money and they allow you to sleep easy knowing your business and your personal assets are protected. A broker is able to ensure that your business is adequately covered as they understand the fine print when it comes to a broad range of insurance matters.

What is the difference between and insurance broker and insurance agent?

An insurance broker acts on behalf of the client not on behalf of the insurance company as we as the broker have your best interests in mind, and can offer you insurance products from a vast range of insurers. An insurance agent acts on behalf of one insurance company in particular and will only offer insurance products from the one insurance company they are an agent for.

Why do I need Public & Products Liability Insurance?

Public & Products Liability Insurance is VITAL to every business, as if an accident involving bodily injury or property damage occurs and you are held liable it can be extremely expensive, as the likelihood of being sued for being negligent is unpredictable it is strongly suggested that you have adequate cover.

Which insurance companies do you deal with?

Our brokerage only deals with the large reputable Australian and International insurance companies and underwriting agencies as they have the strongest security and service and you can rely on them to be there when you need them to pay your claim.

What is Steadfast?

Steadfast is an Australian cluster group of insurance brokerages which provide individual brokerages buying power to deal with the large insurance companies.

What is your claims service like?

Our brokerage has a dedicated claims manager in house that can handle all your insurance claim needs, he will look after your claim from start to finish and keep you well informed through the claim process.

What payment options do you offer?

Cash, Credit Card, Internet Direct Debit, Bpay & Monthly Instalments (offered by reputable 3rd party premium funding companies)

Why shouldn’t I take up the cheapest insurance premium?

Choosing your policy should not be based on premium, it should be based on cover, service and reliability. Cover: for the best protection of your business you want the broadest cover possible, if you are shopping on price you may get a lesser quality policy leaving your business exposed. Service: If you are to place your policy with us you have a dedicated account manager that will be there to handle all your needs and you wont have to speak to someone different overseas every time you call. Reliability: you can rely on the fact that you will have the support from your broker when you need it.